How long does it take to complete the faux painting process?

We need 3-4 days to complete the painting, 4 steps which need drying time in between each layer.

Do I need to be home to have the work done?

 No, we just need to use the garage opener for the doors, to put them up and down, the interior work would need arrangements made for any work done on faux painting of cabinets or interior woodwork, but we can complete all work without your needing to be home.

What colors and options are available?

We can create any color to coordinate with your home style and design, we have walnut, cherry, maple, copper, mahogany, each with light to dark options within those colors. You may get them with knots, and distressing or without. No extra cost for knots. We attempt to make each door unique in the look even with the same colors, no two doors are alike. You can enjoy a similar choice but will not have the programmed copy of someone else’s door.

How long does it last?

We warranty our painting for 1 year, you will get many years of enjoyment though. We seal the painting with 2 coats of exterior, pliable sealer, allowing it to contract and expand. We don’t use a varnish material, it cracks. You will enjoy many years of beauty from your doors, we suggest you  spray off the dust and dirt that sticks to any outdoor product, periodically. The dirt will break down the finish the same as any outdoor product, so a simple hosing down will add years to the new look. We offer the service of re-sealing your doors, this will ensure the protection is always there giving you a new looking door year after year.

Do you have jobs we can go look at to see in person?

Yes, you can check out our testimonials on our link from customers who have had the work done or we can give you locations of jobs in your area that you can go look at. Remember no two doors will be exactly alike. Each will be same colors to your choosing but are custom painted and designs by one of our artists.

Do we accept credit cards?

We accept all 4 major credit cards, we also have discount coupons available on our website with monthly specials. We can set up a no obligation, consultation to suggest ideas for your home makeover.

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